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saSs House

In this 1,700 SF summer house, the design was born out of a detailed investigation of the site. The building is oriented so as to take advantage of the natural clearing in the woods – where a large window wall opens linking the indoor with the outdoor. A 17 foot window frames a large tree at the end of the central spine of the house – capturing the essence of the site.

A careful balance of aesthetics and utility were considered to ensure that striking features of the house were maintained while all the client’s functional needs were efficiently and creatively met within the budget.

The overall building concept takes inspiration from the coastal iconic form of the pier; a 125′ deck bridges the house to the main road as the land below slopes off leaving the owners to find refuge in the tree canopy, floating above an open ‘glade’ and minimizing the impact of the house on the site. The main layout seeks to create a larger sense of space by creating elongated views and the feeling of larger expanses through shared and connected spaces.