hapito patio – Happinez Wine Bar

Set within the stone and brick half-basement floor of a prominent historic building in Uptown Saint John, the ‘happinez’ wine bar is home to a new sidewalk patio nicknamed ‘hapito’, as a fusion of the two words.

The hapito project sought out to create a sense of identity branding for the wine bar on the street. With just 4.5′ in depth by 25′ in length – space was at a premium.
The simple linear layout is enclosed by an arrangement of interlocking 1″x5″ natural wood members. Three rising floor decks below a continuous level bar surface allows for multiple seating and standing combinations for patrons as it accommodates the sloped topography.

Local Tamarack wood was selected as the principal material for both its natural resistance to rot and salt air, along with its striking grain and texture. Careful consideration was given to details that would both reveal the inherent beauty of the wood while relying on its strength to create inspired details.