Acre Architects, selected as one of this year’s young emerging firms in Canada for Twenty + Change, poises itself as a practice of emerging designers whose work seeks to broaden the field of architecture and design.

The idea for the Acre Collective started on a rooftop in Brooklyn, New York, where a group of artists, writers, thinkers and designers realized that – working together – they could contribute more significantly than any one of them working alone. Conceived as a fresh and flexible way to tackle projects and ideas, the collective brings together the right team for the right project. Founders and team corrallers are Stephen Kopp and Monica Adair, Master of Architecture graduates from the architecture, landscape and design program at the University of Toronto. They are currently based in Saint John, NB. The collective has been involved in projects that emphasize craftsmanship, functionality, local tradition, and artistic expression. At the core of the group’s philosophy is an understanding of the unique opportunity that creative collaboration offers for the exploration of new ideas and the achievement of new outcomes.

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